We've all been there:

You're out for someone's birthday and the cake comes out...

You know what happens next...

Typically a cacophony as the group bursts into the "Happy Birthday" song. Everyone starts on different notes, it takes a few seconds for them to sync up the words (if they get there at all), and everyone in the restaurant grits their teeth and waits for it to be over...

If you dread this experience, this mini course is for you! Taken from the comprehensive course Discover Your Voice, this mini-course teaches you how to sing the Happy Birthday song and actually sound good!

Aren't these parties to celebrate our friends, coworkers, or children?

One evening in a restaurant, I witnessed the saddest birthday song ever: a table of maybe 6 people started singing quietly, totally off key, afraid they were interrupting things, with no gusto at all! Everyone was avoiding eye contact and barely whispering the song. Meanwhile the birthday boy looked like he wanted to die.

It was awful.

Compare that to when singers go out... it's a riot! It sounds amazing, there are harmonies and operatic moments, lots of laughter and lots of fun! Typically the restaurant bursts into applause and people come up to the table afterwards to offer their congratulations to the birthday person.

Which experience would you prefer?

Access the lesson:

What you'll get:

When you sign up for this course, you'll get access to the following awesome content from the Discover Your Voice course:

  • Full vocal warmup
  • Downloadable and printable lyrics sheet for taking notes
  • Easy to follow, comprehensive vocal coaching on how to sing the song

Who am I?

I am a performer, teacher, speaker, and anthropologist. After conquering my own misguided beliefs about what makes a “successful” musical career and finding my perfect musical journey, I specialize in working with adults who want to make music by removing the stigma that music is an “inclination.”  

Dipping into my anthropological training to understand the cultural forces that create music and shapes our relationship with it, I founded the Zeitgeist Academy to educate and support people at all stages of their musical journeys to understand that all music is relevant, and everyone can make it.

Do you have a party coming up?

Take a stand and commit to having everyone sound great when they sing the birthday song at your party! Send this mini-course to your friends and have them take it before the Big Day so they sound awesome and everyone has a good time!