Hi, I’m Morgan

I'm a performer, teacher, speaker, and anthropologist. After years of sharing stages around the world with artists like Andrea Bocelli, Carlos Kalmar, and Amber Wagner, I seek to share the richness I've found in music with others by tying in the cultural tapestries that create it.

Dipping into my anthropological training to understand the cultural forces that create music, I founded the Zeitgeist Academy to educate and support people at all stages of their musical journeys to understand that all music is relevant, and everyone can make it.

Everyone can make music.

Yes, everyone.

Even you.  Especially you!


I want music to come alive for every age and level of musical ability, from “tone-deaf” to aspiring professionals.

If you enjoy music at all, you can have it at your fingertips.

Morgan is the best music teacher I have ever encountered because she isn’t just teaching students basic music... she’s explaining how and why [concepts] were conceived. The cultural/historical explanations added to my understanding and love of music. Taking a class with Morgan was an extraordinary and empowering experience!

-Leslie W. Batchelder, 58 yr old would be musician